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Post by Niik on Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:08 pm

Recent things have been occuring here. This was not meant to happen, nor is this who we are. What we are dealing with is a person I know in real life, and is nice. but, however, it seems him and his friends must be ignorant pricks everytime they go online. Do I need to get Sarah to knock this into your guys heads? (the heads on your shoulders)? Stop being pricks, let it go. Cursing is a violation of our COC, especially when you assault someone with it. When you register to this site, you agree to the COC.

I'm going to answer you statements phil.


You ban someone for cursing.

Which means your obviously extremely immature and take gaming way to seriously. I mean if you were the head of a forum that has 12k people and you really just want to whip out your e-penis, then I guess I could understand it, but you have 26 members, and you should be trying to keep them. Honestly, I lead several forums/websites with 1k+ members, and I don't give a shit about language. It's used in the real world all around you, so who gives a shit about the internet?

You guys don't even own your own domain. Nor do you own a host?

Kid you probably don't even know how to program.

You aren't even making any money off of this. - I sell my Java programs there, I usually make 4 digits a month. Do you think I give a shit about language? No. Why? Because I'm not a total moron who is thrown into a mod position of 25 people and find it their responsibility to take everything like your in a german concentration camp.

I could honestly get your IP in < 2 days, DDoS the FUCK out of this website, probably shut down your computer if I wanted, and yeah, you get the rest. Why? Because I'm not a 12 year old kid who thinks being on a megabb forum is LEGIT.

Fucking learn how to torrent vbulletin. Or atleast learn about smf?

Honestly. Go to another one of my sites,, look at the forums, i haven't even set the website up yet and look how nice they look.

You have a lot to learn before you start taking this website that seriously. BTW . Thats my youtube. Look at those stats, let me see yours? You probably suck at editing, don't know how to use sony vegas beyond the defaults, don't know how to render shit in photoshop, and have probably never heard of camtasia.

I know java, php, mysql, html, bios, binary and a little javascript. What do you know? How many android applications have you made? How much money do you pull in a month? Do you even know how to set up a keylogger, maybe even a RAT? How about making it FUD? Ney.

So, before you start acting like an immature prick, learn that your on the absolute bottom of the food chain in the e-world.

We have a small site, but we uphold the rules is our domain. I own a server. I have put more money into this site than anything else

okay, runehub.. cool. cheating at runescape... Hmm, sounds the like a hacked lobby kinda thing?

you can hack, I know who you are in real life. I will press charges if you do that

no, We wont torrent vbulliten. thats hacking, thats illegal, and I dont want my site being that way. maybe buying it down the line? thats an idea.

Please, provide your feedback in the suggestions section of the forum!

Quite a thing for hacking you have there! kinda like lobbies....
I used Camtasia to record my GKnova videos, and my video outtros.

Actually, I know my Html

We are somewhat at the bottom, but I will not let the forums look like crap

Also, I want to add this. speaks for us


If you need help or have a question, P.M. Me!
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